New Innovation scope for Food Discovery StartupsĀ 


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Food Safety laws are well enforced in India, thanks to the endeavors of WHO, now customers also becoming aware about maximum hygiene control, they are constantly looking for Restaurants or Food Business operators who are not only committed to serve tasty foods but also hygienic and fresh foods. Now a days, Food Aggregators apps or food discovery Startups are very prominent in Indian startup ecosystem. I’ve noticed few prospective Food aggregators are shutting down business due to several reasons, but the primary one is lack of innovation. Therefore, I have urged to do something by myself and after spending several hours on research, finally, I have produced an innovative solutions by utilizing Morphological Attributes methodology. Kindly, check this photo series and try to implement this prescribed attribute which might produce significant change.   

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My Love,Life & Brakeup- How I Embraced Innovation from being almost broken


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When you still thinking about the title let me tell you very frankly that I’m bit nervous & shaky too; when I’m just about penning this topic from my own personal life. 

Back in 2010, I was a fresh law grad from Kolkata, as I always wanted to work for myself so started a legal startup, which was aimed big at the initial level for becoming one of the innovative solution providers in the Legal and Intellectual Property field. 

2014, the year I will remember as a very special year because in the same year,  I got introduced with love of my life. We both was bit opposite personality type, still we started hanging out together and eventually love happened in between us. So we decided to commit each other. My business was apparently flourishing that time with erourmous amount of clients, and cumbersome work responsibilities, leaving me completely tiresome after a normal work hours. So my personality trail had to change its roots a bit, and that certainly affected my new love life too. I became intolerant towards handling personal issues, rude and lethargic in understanding key relationship issues, leaving her all most surprised in coping   with my mood swings up, after struggling a bit she thought we might lacking in comparability, so she had taken decision of  not continuing  our relationship any more, at the end of the day she had no choice but biding adieu our relationship. 

I left completely devastated, lost control over myself, lost control over normal work routine, started misbehaving with clients and associates. People started looking at me abruptly, they had might also felt that the guy is psychopath or socially awkward, but I knew what I was going through that point of a time, it also hammered on my reputation,and  not focusing on daily wages basis work assignments soon turned into ‘no work, no pay’ syndrome equal to zero bank balance. Many faces turned down but fortunately many people and friends extended their helping hands, I understood who is my real friends are,  I will always be indebted to them. After few months of this tremendous situation, slowly I was being able to calm down myself, and my aloofness allowed me to look into inner self 

When Life gives you lemon make lemonade 

& I found these discrepancies which has almost ruined my Work-Life balance:  

1. There were no more sync in between what I wanted my startup to be back in 2010 and what I was doing in 2014 

2. My Needs became my habit and in the process I had killed Innovation. 

3. I dreamt off an Innovative Consulting but settled with a one to one traditional consulting model. 

4. Ignoring technology and depending much more on manual work rather than adopting simple automations. 

5. Distance myself from learning new things and acquiring more knowledge. 

6. Away from the core industry and focusing much on daily work assignments. 

7. Concentrating on Easy revenue rather than creating Values. 

After analyzing those seven facts, I instantly understood that one’s personal life can be in turmoil if he fails to deliver value.  

So once again I had decided to go back to school and starting from the scratch, not touching lure of plenty of work assignments which landed me on financial troubles but as decided, I swiftly had learnt to keep my expenses at bay and devoting myself at learning Stuffs and thinking about solving problems in Legal and Regulatory pace, in a much more better way. Here are few things I actually Did to pick myself up again; 

1. The first thing I did is Improvising my work place a bit and making it more than  just an office, a hub for innovation and incubation because that’s the key to all, allowing  positive energy to do more, and doing everything creatively. 

2. Think, Learn, and Think again

3. Incorporating Six Sigma and Lean Statup methodologies, when the former is trendsetter, later is effective for making any startup to innovate more. Six Sigma is process of emulating error from Product or  service to be more redefined and robust. Similarly, Lean In also effective for teaching  you how to invent for a sustainable growth, one can learn about those Growth Hack tactics by accessing various resources from Internet. 

4. Focus on core problem areas , then think about many displacements without trying to connect with possibilities after that searching for possible connections in order to establish one possible connection. This method is well defined in the book of FERNANDO TRI’AS DE BES’s ‘Winning At Innovation’. 

5. Deployment and Expolitation of Technology. I understand, solving problems in Law and Regulations need smart integration of Technologies which is easily available amoung us. We just need to figure it out and integrate it to solve problems. Such as, offering online legal agreements can  save time for the client to come over and sign it physically, also save time for consultants to look beyond manual work. 

6. Smart solutions is available if we can think little bit creatively. Like replacing traditional scanner with Mobile App scanner like CamScanner which is available both in android and apple stores. 

7. Creating a SQL based database  for maintaing all the relevant informations in the one platform like I did with Trademark International Classifications with help from a techie friend,  now I just search with possible keywords for finding out most apt TM Classes instead of going through each and every Nos. on a paper sheet which was distracting most of the time. 

If you are not familiar with MySQL then you can also create a Datasheet using MS Excel. 

8. Most of the time we conduct meetings which are not necessary to do and can easily be replaced with other alternative communication methods like automated form submissions from your websites, Query submissions at client’s end through Popular app Quora, or allowing your client to see your presentation at their own pace on slideshare. 

9. Above all, this one is  strictly for Consulting Business, a consultant should deliver value more than anything else which requires much more mental capacity than others and problem solving skills, the more you can create value for other’s business the more you can earn client’s loyalty. So focus should not be on attracting volume based Business but Value Based Business which reduce the total no of clients but offer a hefty pay check at the same time. But if you want to help masses then you have to loosen up  burden of your shoulder by easing the process through automation  and by a help of bigger team. 

9. I think this Infographic says everything about this lesson well learnt by me. 

10. At last but not the least, it’s all about Happiness to the core, by choosing creativity over pay check you indulge your core happiness to unleashed for abundant freedom which is everything for maintaing a good life. Your professional life can not be segregated from personal lives, At the end of the day it affects so it’s upto you how you allow this to affect your lives in positive way or negative way. When you unleashed your creativity you actually never get tired, if you are not busy then you must be productive, as it perfectly says 

‘If you are doing the work you love, everyday is holiday for you’ 

and eventually you have more time and love for your loved one. Love is power and key to ultimate happiness. 

Today, we are about to start a new year 2016 and I’ve have few new startups with my existing Consulting Businsss which has already been revamped. My learning phase is not over yet because it’s just the beginning, I believe. 

Today, I’m free, I write, I consult clients, I spend time on Facebook too and also with my loved one without compromising on building new ventures. 

At the end of the day; I had also realized our true love never leaves us actually, concentrating and focusing much on innovation also gave me more understanding on personal front, now I feel what she wants, now I know how to make her laugh now I can hear the rhythm of her heart in the same way I feel the soul of my startups and focus more on inventing new products, services, method and process to keep it moving.She was just waiting for me in the next room,awaiting my self realization. Even today we fight over silly matters, had break ups almost everyday but with a believe that she never gonna leave me. 

That’s love and life for both your Startup and Life, only a wheel of innovation can keep it moving forever.